360 Virtual Reality
Crash Course

  • Advance your career and achieve excellence
  • Become an International Freelancer
  • Work from anywhere, earn handsome
  • Learn this emerging technology and transform your life
  • Build a better career in 360 VR Industry 

  Duration- 8 Hours

360 Virtual Reality

  • Advance your career and achieve excellence
  • Become an International Freelancer
  • Work from anywhere, earn handsome
  • Start an extraordinary journey of success
  • Learn this emerging technology and transform your life
  • Build a better career in 360 VR Industry

Workshop Fee : 499/- for both day sessions

Save the Date: 23 & 24 April, 2021
Time: 7:00 PM to 09:00 PM

How is immersive VR is different from other types of media, for instance, TV, cinema, 3D TV and 3D cinema? 

Essentially, three things make VR more immersive than other types of media-
1. 3D Stereo-vision
2. User dynamic control of viewpoint
3. A surrounding experience

Learn at your comfort from your home or workspace and earn a certificate at the end of the course.

Dhriti Chatterjee is a Mentor & Coach, Virtual Reality story teller and Expert in Cyber Psychology

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About Dhriti

A corporate coach with 17 + years of experience, along with 12 years exposure in Entrepreneurship. Being a certified VR professional from London University, she has represented India in World XR conference, Nanchang Province, China in 2019. An IT Professional turned Entrepreneur, now Virtual Reality Storyteller, Managing Director of DcVision - Pioneer VR Product company in India & Partner to DISL & Book cafe Boithek.


Introduction to Virtual Reality

How VR is different from other media

Virtual Display systems

Choosing your VR device

Different application areas of VR


360 videos and model based VR

Principals of 360 Videography

Levels of Immersion in VR

Monetise your 360 VR Videos

Limitations of VR

Career Guidance

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Become an International Freelancer by learning 360 Video making

Learn how to become master in 360 video making. In This course you will learn all about 360 and it's scope and benefits.

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Mishali is using her new skill of 360 VR in her architecture business and getting huge benefits.

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One workshop with all the details you need to know in 360 VR.

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This course is for beginners


Students of Media science


Animator, Designers, VFX artist seeking career in Virtual Reality


Real estate agents, journalists & photographers


Anyone interested to learn Virtual Reality